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Opinions and experiences of clients 
Tess Ellerbeck   
psychological counseling 

The sessions caused changes in my external reality. I also felt these changes on an inner level as I gradually shed many now unnecessary layers of my psyche. I've also noticed that my creativity has increased and I'm more in tune with my passions and can now follow them more easily. I love working with Antonia! She has such a warm and genuine energy, you can't help but feel comfortable, seen and supported.



Marliese (mother of 2 children 8 and 10 years) Energy balance 

Antonia has a wonderful way of making people, especially children, feel loved and relaxed. I took my two children for an Energy Balancing treatment because they both get anxious often and were also facing a major life change (changing schools in January). They loved it! Emily, 8, said she felt like she could levitate and had chosen not to sit in front of the TV. She enjoyed spending time alone and playing quietly, and did so for quite a while. William (10) asked why we had never done this before. He said he felt light and free. Antonia showed us how to bond as a family and what we can do to ground ourselves when we feel like we're getting out of control. William will practice grounding himself on his own. The children often remind me to ground myself. Both children can't wait to complete another session. I would definitely spend some time and money on energy balancing rather than sedative medication.

Thank you Marliese

Vanessa Whits- psychological counseling
Aura Soma® holistic color consultation

Antonia, you are an authentic, warm, wise & empathetic soul!

Your ability to clear blockages in the body's energy fields and your knowledge of these blockages has been such a blessing to guide me on my own journey. I have called you many times as I grapple with the vagaries and vicissitudes of this wonderful journey called "life." Each time I have come out with a greater level of serenity, a deeper understanding of myself, or a sense of spiritual expansion and growth. Your Aura Soma products help me maintain wellbeing between sessions. I am very grateful to you and have the utmost respect for your unique gifts.



Aura Soma® holistic color consultation

My personal experience of your Aurasoma consultation has been that it is incredibly subtle yet powerful. When I saw Antonia, I was embracing major changes and upheavals in my personal and business life. All of this was way out of my comfort zone and very scary. Working with the Balance Bottles and Pomander and having them in my space gave me the confidence and kind of ease to release layers or blockages. I can now look back and am amazed at how everything has finally settled down and I am calm, centered and stable in all the decisions that brought about these changes.
I have found working with you an absolute you work at the level of consciousness. I believe this is the point where all healing must be addressed. I felt seen, supported and heard. 
Thank you... from the bottom of my heart!





I have been attending Antonia's guided meditation group sessions for over a year. The meditation has taught me to experience a deep rooting that I have never felt before. It's a wonderful time to release anxiety or stress and refocus on the positive energy in life. I look forward to these sessions as they bring so much light and peace to my crazy busy life. Antonia's experience as an Aura Soma practitioner allows her to create a sensory package as part of the meditation, which I particularly enjoy.



The day that followed after a morning meditation with Antonia:
Life feels chaotic right now. Meditation guided by Antonia is extremely calming, centering, gentle, simple, beautiful. I go out at peace with myself and the world. The chaos and needs of others are still there, but my reaction impulse has calmed down. I see everything in a new way, I can make positive decisions. i am calmer I use the blue pomander with my kids before bed. They think it's fun. They calm down and fall asleep without having to suck their thumbs. I'm fine, they're fine.
love Janet 

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