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Lose yourself in nature and find yourself. 

​“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul.”  


„Und ich gehe in den Wald, um meinen Verstand zu verlieren und meine Seele zu finden.“


John Muir.​​​​​​​​​

What exactly is forest bathing?

Shinrin Yoku comes from the Japanese and means to bathe in the forest - to breathe in the atmosphere of the forest. It is a form of therapy for inner peace, restful sleep and a strong immune system. The positive effects of nature and in particular of the forest is used in Japan as a scientifically recognized form of therapy for stress-related physical and psychological symptoms. Without realizing it, we are increasingly overwhelmed and overwhelmed by today's man-made world, making our bodies more susceptible to disease. Forest bathing according to Shinrin Yoku is a new trend and has also made a name for itself in Germany and is enjoying more and more followers. 

The effects of forest bathing on our body and mindhave been carefully researched in Japan since the 1980s and are now scientifically recognized. Immersing yourself in the forest environment, far away from stress and pressure to perform, not only has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system. The immune system is also strengthened. Plant messenger substances, which are contained in high concentrations in the forest air, are responsible for this. Staying in the forest and in the fresh air lowers blood pressure and pulse rate and relaxes our vegetative nervous system. the
 Number of natural killer cells which, for example, are responsible for breaking down the body's own mutated cells are increased - thus forest bathing can be regarded as a kind of cancer prevention.  

The forest not only has an impact on our bodies, but also on our minds and behavior. Studies have shown that people suffering from chronic stress have experienced a direct reduction in feelings of hostility, anger, depression and anxiety after forest bathing. The positive influence on depression, anxiety, fatigue and confusion has also been confirmed several times.

Regular forest bathing (over three months) also improves our sleep-wake cycle, provides more inner peace and can at the same time strengthen vitality. However, a stress-reducing effect can already be observed after a 15-minute walk in the forest. This is of course even more evident in the long-term effect and thus helps to reduce stress. 

Forest bathing process...


Meet the group at the forest entrance. greeting .

Experiencing the forest with all your senses. 
Mindful walking with individual and group exercises to perceive the forest and thereby strengthen self-awareness.
breathing exercises.
Imparting the wisdom of Shinrin Yoku
exchange experiences
Return to the forest entrance together.


Please book the forest bathing directly under "my offers", by phone or by email. Many Thanks.

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